The Chinatown Storytelling Centre documents and shares the cultural stories of the Chinese Canadian community as experienced and witnessed through its historic epicentre, Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Our centre celebrates Chinatown’s contributions to the development of Vancouver and highlights the roles of Chinese Canadians in the building of Canada as a nation.

We believe when we look back on stories of adversity, resilience, and triumph, we reveal our shared history. And we believe this common ground is where we can build a more inclusive society moving forward.

Our Purpose

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre celebrates the power of stories in building community and bridging understanding. 

Storytelling honours the sacrifices made by previous generations. From disenfranchisement after completing the Canadian Pacific Railway to being denied to enlist to fight for Canada in World War II because of their ethnicity, the overcoming of these hardships paved the way for the lives we live today.

It was in Chinatown where the people who connected the country and fought in war could feel a sense of belonging in a hostile environment. Their stories of joy, friendship, and family are the foundation of the Chinatown community here today.

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre is a place that honours their courage to dream of a better future and a space to encourage intergenerational dialogue that will inspire resolve in current and future challenges.

Father & daughter - From the Archive

What we do

Through storytelling, unique artifacts, recordings, and photos, we offer a new perspective on the history of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Community collaboration connects a new generation to their past, and preserves the irreplaceable legacies of our elders.

A better understanding of the Chinese Canadian experience and our shared cultural history inspires the actions of future generations.

Revitalizing Chinatown

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre is an initiative by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, a registered charity founded in 2011. The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation is dedicated to the physical, commercial, and cultural revitalization of the historic neighbourhood. Their projects focus on social housing, cultural preservation, and economic development.

Vancouver Chinatown Foundation Logo


We are very grateful for the support and discussions surrounding what we do.
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Interested in Volunteering?

Are you passionate about Chinese Canadian history? Are you interested in helping people of all backgrounds tell their stories? Do you have skills in hospitality and service? We’d love to meet you!

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre owes its success the talent, time, and dedication of our volunteer community. Through a variety of opportunities, we are a place to make positive change and impact in one of Canada’s historic and cultural icons.

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