Permanent Exhibit

BMO Hall

Housed in the BMO Hall, this exhibit begins in the 19th century and highlights important milestones in the Chinese Canadian journey until today.

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre uses a variety of media to tell the remarkable stories of the early Chinese immigrants who shaped Canada’s social fabric. Be it a Head Tax Certificate or a silk map from World War II, historical artefacts on display in the gallery are complemented by interactive elements.

Our Stories

From stories in sports to public service, Chinese Canadians have overcome extraordinary challenges and contributed greatly to what Canada is today. Explore our album to read more about the many firsts in our community and how they have broken barriers for themselves and the Asian Canadian community.

Theatre Space

Located in the centre of the gallery, the Rogers Theatre showcases Chinese Canadian voices and stories. Archival films, in-house productions, and short films by community partners will be shown in this space. A multipurpose space, the theatre is also used for our programming and can be rented to host private events.

CSC Theatre Space
Yucho Chow photo studio 01

Yucho Chow Photo Studio

Prolific photographer Yucho Chow opened his first studio in Chinatown in 1906. In our Yucho Chow studio, you’ll find a number of his photographs. Don’t forget to take a photo and send a virtual postcard to your loved ones before you leave!

Augmented Reality

Experience the sights and sounds of Chinatown in the 20th century through our augmented reality app. On our app, you’ll see scenes of nightlife in the neighbourhood, an interview with a World War II veteran, and a peek into Yucho Chow’s studio.

Augmented Reality - Ho Ho Chop Suey Sign Photo by Gord McCaw

Special Exhibit

Our Journey Continues

A special exhibit honouring the multigenerational families who pursued their dreams and turned grievance into success.

One hundred years after the Chinese were barred from entering Canada, the descendants of those who paid the price have made exceptional inroads into Canadian culture and, in fact, defined who we are. No matter where we work today, Chinese Canadians are woven into the fabric of the Canadian story. This exhibit is a testament to the multigenerational families who, like all Canadian settlers, pursued their dreams and turned grievance into success.

This exhibit features six family stories:

Tommy Wong (1924-2022), WWII Veteran & Trevan Wong, songwriter, producer, artist, and photographer.

Won Alexander Cumyow (1861-1955), first Chinese person born in Canada, Yip Sang (1845-1927), founder of Wing Sang Company & Alannah Yip, speed climbing Olympian.

Jew Nam Louie (1908-2003), founder of Oxford Foods in Victoria, BC & Isaac Louie, elementary school teacher and poet.

Quong Louie (1895-1958), established Lee Sun Market on Dunbar St & Dr. Harvey Lui, dermatologist and award-winning educator.

Gee Huey Fai (c. 1896-1985), established Eng Chow Co. on Pender St & Athena Wong, Genie-nominated set decorator.

Wong Foo Sien (1899-1971), instrumental in repealing the Chinese Immigration ActVivian Wong, Stanford graduate with international teaching experience.

Designed by the community-minded award-winning exhibit designers at Lost & Found.

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Past Special Exhibit

Raised in Chinatown presented in partnership with Langara College Design Formation

A special exhibit exploring Chinese Canadian youth culture in Saltwater City, from the 1910s to 1960s.

Past Special Exhibit

"Sharing Our Firsts" presented by BMO Financial Group

Bank of Montreal was the first Canadian financial institution to open a branch in Vancouver's Chinatown to serve the Chinese community and appointed the first bank manager of Asian descent in Canada, Mr. Tommy Mah, at their Chinatown branch on Pender Street.

Located in the welcome area, BMO’s special exhibit gives insight into the socioeconomic landscape of Canada in the early 20th century through stories from Vancouver’s Chinatown.

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