The Chinese Canadian journey reflects every person’s need to belong. Every story we share demonstrates the strength we all possess when we feel accepted in a community.

Our Stories

Robert H. N. Ho Living Legacy Project

The Robert H. N. Ho Living Legacy Project captures and shares the personal stories that exemplify the spirit of Chinatown—resilient, courageous, and enterprising. "Our Stories" is a collection of biographies highlighting individuals and organizations who have played a significant role in breaking barriers for the Chinese Canadian community and beyond.

Lawyer for the People

Andrew Joe
Admired for his quick mind and oratorical skills, Andy Way Yin Joe was BC’s first Chinese Canadian lawyer and Canada’s second. The Victoria-born Joe studied law after serving in the […]
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From Refugee to Governor General

Adrienne Clarkson
Arriving on a Red Cross ship with her family after Hong Kong was occupied by Japanese forces during World War II...
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Striking it Rich in the Cariboo

Ah Bau
(photo: Ah Bau, second from the right) Ah Bau was one of the few Chinese gold miners who struck rich in the Cariboo. He held several claims in the North […]
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Community Stories

Personal stories told by the community about specific memories, objects, or people that shaped who they are today. 

Stories tell us who we once were, who we are today, and who we can become. The stories shared here uncover the values passed down from one generation to the next and preserve our cultural heritage. When we share these stories, we uncover the reasons why we can look at each other and see our community.

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Help us celebrate your rich history by sharing your connection to Vancouver’s Chinatown or Chinese Canadian Culture.
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Tong Louie and his younger brother, Willis.

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